18Whitianga Coastguard | IT SUPPORT OfficeWindows update/disk cleanup, adjusted taskbar, cpu/disk usage all Normal
17Whitianga Coastguard | IT SUPPORT Comms roomwindows update/disk cleanup. disk and cpu usage OK. teamviewer downloaded on all devices
16Whitianga Coastguard | IT SUPPORT Comms roomdownloaded updates but waiting for install at end of day, cpu usage sweet disk usage is alright
15Whitianga Coastguard | IT SUPPORT Comms roomwindows updates/disk clean up, teamviewer install, cpu/disk usage are all normal
14Whitianga Coastguard | IT SUPPORT training roomwindows update/ bios update, diskcleanup, normal cpu/disk usage, adjusted task bar
13Whitianga Coastguard | IT SUPPORT training roomdid windows update and a bios update. disk cleanup got rid of 20gbs, cpu/disk usage is all good, adjusted taskbar.
11Whitianga Coastguard | IT SUPPORT Training roomWindows update, Disk clean up, removed cortana from startup, adjusted Task bar, monitored cpu/disk usage all working well. Crunchy key board
10Whitianga Coastguard | IT SUPPORT traing room 17inchdisk usage 100%, bitdefender out of date, windows updates
9Whitianga Coastguard | IT SUPPORT training roommcafee AV trial removed